Train Your Replacement
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Welcome to Mentor-Protégé Training Program

This Mentor-Protégé program is unique. Pair-up mentors with protégés at any level within your organization. Participants may develop their attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, best business practices, knowledge and/or skills. Our program assists employees to move into new, exciting, challenging and even leadership positions. We offer several formats which may include, an orientation session, six or more intensive sessions and on going support is available. This Mentor-Protégé program is one of the best choices for your employees, departments and today's organization.


This outline represents a sample of the standard sessions offered in our Mentor-Protégé program. Our program can also be customized and brought onsite to meet your training needs. (more)


Please complete this registration form to describe your program considerations for Mentor-Protégé on-site delivery options. (more)

Program Outline:

  • Session 1 Building a Successful Mentoring Partnership.

  • Session 2 Setting Goals and Objectives.

  • Session 3 Reviewing Goals and Objectives.

  • Session 4 Establishing Timelines for Goals. Developing Team Building, Communication and Listening Skills to Help Achieve those Goals.

  • Session 5 Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback and Accepting Criticism.

  • Session 6 Evaluating the Mentoring/Train Your Replacement Program.